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Trekking Guide in nepal

Trekking guide in Nepal:
Naba Thapa, Trekking Guide in Nepal,Female trekking guide Nepal, Hiring a Manaslu trekking guide in Nepal, Nepal trekking guide, Upper mustang Trekking guide in Nepal, email:, Cell:+977-9851005685
Naba Thapa, professional trekking Guide in Nepal since 1999 A.D., license  N. 3399 from Gov. of Nepal


  • Trekking start: 1999 Ad.
  • License N.: 3399 and got in 2003, from government of Nepal
  • Experience and specializes  trekking areas-Everest, Annapurna, Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, Langtang, Upper mustang
  • First trekking experience-Jomsom muktinath
  • Home town-Gorkha
  • Temporary address: Kathmandu Nepal
  • Phone and email: 00977-9851005685,
  • Skype:nepalguide3
  • Trekking agency-Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)Ltd. 
  • ,

Trekking guide in Nepal escorting the way, explain the mountain views,local culture, religion about Nepal. They are Trained from the Government of Nepal, and   Nepal tourism board.  Become the trekking guide there is a system to be a Sherpa or assistant guide, and capable of explaining the condition of the trail, well English and preference given for the extra language. In Nepal, many educative people part time job become trekking guide. There are about 5000 license . holder  Trekking guide and 1500 trekking  agency in Nepal. Trekking guide in Nepal have a many responsibilities in the mountain or trekking route:

1. First Aid knowledge:- Trekking guide given a training , first aid. General problem they can solve before going to the hospital, if any case there are actuate mountain sickness, sprinkle, twisting the body in the mountain or trekking.In which condition medicine such as dimaox is good and how many liters water drink which trekking point and height as well as many kinds of the precautions  give by the Nepal trekking guide.  

2. Knowledge about Trekking Route: Before guiding any area, assistant guide go trekking with the Guide, then he get the chance to know the place, people culture. Generally to become a trekking guide in Nepal, guide should know most of the trekking areas and technique to expose the culture and make happy for the trekkers by the service. 

3. Religion and culture:-In nepal there are many religion and cultural group. It is trekking guide duty to explain the different culture in different place. In Nepal there are 92 spoken language and 125 different culture of the community according to the geography, culture and tradition.
Rara Lake trek 2016

4. Geography  and climate:: General  knowledge about  the geography, and affecting the people of the separate geographical ranges. They also able descriptions about the climate of the season. Nepal is divided by the three region by geography and five region by the administrative purpose. Nepal trekking guide explain the geography and production  plus local people sources of the income. According to the height there are different climatic zone. so, explaining the geography and climate there are great role for sharing the knowledge with trekking guide in Nepal. 

5. Flora and Fauna:-Nepal have a wide ranges of the flora and fauna in many sector and many different areas. Trekking guide have a general knowledge about the flowering trees, non flowering trees, rare animals in the world, condition of the unique animal scenario. Trekking guide in Nepal trained  about the flora and fauna, so, it  will be refreshing and widen the knowledge about the concept of the flora and fauna. 
6. booking the hotel in trekking areas: most of the trekking guide have own permanent places in the mountain as well as they know the hotel condition, food and environment . they like to take their customer  where they get the good hospitality and facility. 

8. Explain the different history  and condition:
Trekking guide know the current and past incident of the many places. what had happened and what is the possibility to coming incident. Those things you cannot get in the book. they explain the hidden stories, mysteries of the culture, religion and different manner of the diverse ethnic group. updating the political situation and incident, news, newly opening trekking route and community mention by the Nepal trekking guide. 

Trekking Guide Nepal with the trekkers in kanchenjunga trekking
9. Description of nepal and politics:even people don't like to politics, sometime its knowledge is very important. Because of the political condition there is the system making and some incident creating. road clocking, strike, nepal condition, environment of politics. trekking guide in Nepal known as the non paid ambassador, he is representative of the subject matter and from his behavior reflect the character of the Nation. so, trekking guide in Nepal carry the nation , and definitely trekking guide have very responsive the things.  
10. friendly behavior:
Nepali people is a naturally hospitality behavior. not only guide, local people of Nepali village. in the world, Nepal is recorded a hospitality number one countries in the world. 
        from the tourism board of Nepal , it become the 6000 people taking a trekking guide licenses in Nepal. if you travelling in Nepal visit the countryside, you feel smiling  and hospitality Nepalese People.
Trekking guide Nepal in tea house trekking Nepal
Trekking Guide Naba with  Mr. Peter  in Annapurna Dhampus   
Female trekking guide Nepal:
we arrange the experience female trekking guide for the single ladies or according to the demand of the customer.Annapurna female trekking guide, langtang female trekking guide, manaslu trekking female guide we arrange according to your demand. Book a female guide in Nepal in a cheap prices.

About Naba Thapa

Mr Naba,has been trekking guide in Himalayan Nepal since 1999. He has a wide number of the experience  in the period of the 10 years with the people of the different nations such as Europe, USA, CANADA, JAPAN etc. Mr Naba not only trekking guide , he is the part time teacher in the institute also.. He has both experience and formal education degree from the university of Nepal  Mr naba have a vision to make his village as a tourism village. He has organized the seminar in the village for the sustainable tourism and home stay tour. Mr naba speak English very good,also he practiced  some french, japanese, german and Chinese as well as. As a guide contact to naba , you can write freely to his email trekking guide in Nepal like a non paid government ambassador who know the knowledge of the traditional and unwritten social law, norms and values. There are restriction and regular trekking route in Nepal. For the regular route there is no problem after take a Timms card and permit, but the restricted area trekking there are  certain days  trekking permit issued by the immigration of Nepal. if incase have to added the days, there is need a extension of the trekking permit. Trekking guide in Nepal manage all documents and help many ways about your insurance permit. 
For the home stay in Nepal contact us :
Trekking guide cost and hirring Nepal

 Frequent question about a trekking Guide in Nepal:

1. How much for the trekking guide per day hiring for  trekking?

-Trekking guide have a many category and experience. Mainly you have to choose a liec. holder trekking guide who knows about the condition of the trail and explain the culture and custom. Trekking Guide cost $ 20 per day. However restriction and remote trekking areas such as dolpo, kanchenjunga, makalu trekking Trekking guide cost will be little bit expensive about $25-30 usd per day.

2. How i choose and hire a  trekking guide in Nepal?

-You can contact first trekking guide agency 'MOUNTAIN AIR GUIDED ADVENTURES' They managed the good trekking guide who have a keen professional skill. You can face to face talk with  trekking guide in Nepal then you know what kinds of the quality they have. Mountain Air Guided adventures become your mediator for hiring  and choosing trekking guide in Nepal.

3. why i hired a  trekking guide in Nepal?

- There are many reason to hire a trekking guide in Nepal. First is security on the way , second reason to hiring a trekking guide is Nepal is good and comfortable service, trekking guide will escorting the way and telling a local culture and dialects. Third reason to hire a trekking guide for the emergency time. Even you meet many trekkers on the way , they have their schedule and itinerary, they cannot wait you. so, trekking guide will care you in the mountain Trekking in Nepal and suggestion the food which you have to eat or not.

Trekking Guide Guiding and deal with nature, society and interacting with local people , escorting your ways. 
Trekking Guide in Nepal for following trekking areas:
1. Trekking Guide for  Everest base camp trekking
2. Trekking Guide for Annapurna base camp trekking
3. Trekking guide for Kanchenjunga trekking in Nepal
4. Trekking guide for upper mustang trekking
5. Trekking Guide for Annap
urna circuit trekking
6. Trekking Guide for langtang valley trekking
7. Trekking Guide for village home stay trekking

Experience guide Nepal

Trekking Guide in Nepal told you update information , incident, and recent festival , events. Trekking guide is a kind of the advisor of the trekking, who give you suggestion modified the itinerary according to the interest  and  if somethings happened.  Actually trekking Guide play a unpaid ambassador role.
Prices to hiring a trekking Guide in Nepal:
Normally it cost $20 per day for the Trekking guide salary  in Nepal. In the package programme , there is included the trekking guide, timms , permit etc.  

Trekking guide Nepal with trekkers in the trekking region of Nepal

Trekking guide in Nepal expose you culture, custom about Nepal who are already experience the trial condition and  become your trekking partner in Nepal. Hire a experience guide in Nepal in a cheap prices. Definitely you got more benefit by the precise the situation and changes the even in Mountain Nepal.
Trekking Guide of Mountain Air Guided Adventures:

1. Chabi lal Thapa-10 Years Experience trekking guide
2. Man Bahadur bhandari-20 Years experience trekking guide
3. Krishna Rana-12 years experience trekking guide in Nepal
4. Suresh panta 4 years experience trekking guide in Nepal
5. Sabin Thapa-5 Years experience Trekking Guide in Nepal

How to choose a Guide:
2.Before you going trekking, it is best ideas, speak directly with the Guide and ask question about his job and simple introduction.
3,You are ensure , Guide have a trekking Guide government liec. or no. 
4. not only speak English, trekking guide have previous experience of trekking that areas or no
5. Our Guide know the geography, views  the scenery and cultural background or no
6. Trekking Guide have a knowledge about flora or fauna. 
7. What things is included or Guide provide us in the case of  the food make sure that.
Trekking guide Nepal photo, Naba trekking guide

High altitude sickness tips by the trekking guide in Nepal
Trekking guide in Nepal explain you about the high altitude sickness. They already experience generally which places is possible to high altitude sickness. From previous trekkers experience trekking guide  mention you the remedy and prevention. if any case there are emergency , trekking guide help to Helicopter charter. if not so serious , he treatment the primary  faid. They become your friends, and together descend , low altitude for recover the altitude sickness. which food is better for the  recover the altitude sickness. Trekking guide suggest you taking a garlic soup. From the 3000 m height there are possibly  affect the high altitude sickness.Slowly walking up and drinking more water . In the high altitude there is important to drink for the proper circulation oxygen in the body. so, drinking 5-6 liter water important when you trekking in High altitude.
Trekking in kanchenjunga with trekking guide Nepal, best trekking guide Nepal

Trekking guide Nepal in Kanchenjunga base camp

Trekking Guide cost and Hiring:
In the package trekking , there are included the  cost of trekking Guide in Nepal. Annapurna trekking package, lang tang trekking package, Kanchenjunga trekking package etc.  are already included the Trekking Guide. Package trip in Nepal trekking means experience trekking Guide who qualified handling  concerning trekking. if you like only hiring Trekking Guide, it cost depend upon trekking areas. Definitely   restriction areas  and regular trekking areas cost of trekking Guide different but not so different. In the  regular tea house treks , Nepal trekking Guide  hiring cost $15 to  25 per days. While restriction trekking areas  Guide hiring cost in Nepal ranges $25-35 usd per days. Even you are 1 person trekking to many person trekking one group Trekking Guide cost is same prices. so, if you have group , it will be more cheaper hiring Trekking Guide  in Nepal.
Trekking Guide in Nepal inspire you to do somethings creative and alternative. you got more knowledge from Guide than the travel Guide book. Hidden mystery still not written in the book , traditionally, it follows  mouth to mouth.

Faq about trekking Guide in Nepal?
1. Is possible for solo female trekking guide in Nepal?
-Female trekkers we provide the female trekking guide in trekking in Nepal. All trekking Guide is government liec. holder.
2. What is trekking Guide in Nepal?
-Trekking Guide in Nepal means showing the landscape in mountain Himalaya side, Know the trekking route, accommodation, time period and trails conditions. Not only that Trekking Guide in Nepal is healer and supporter  for your every problem. Government authorized non payed ambassador are form of trekking guide Nepal.
3. Is trekking guide Nepal know culture, custom and religion?
-Actually trekking Guide is jack of all fruit. He have average knowledge about that. just hints , other things self study is better. any way  if you have trekking guide it give confidence for trekking and travel.

Trekking Guide in Kathmandu and pokhara are Government liec. holder , experience and extremely professional. You can choice and directly interviews.
Cost of trekking guide hiring in kathmandu and pokhara
Job of the trekking guide is not four season. mainly in Autumn and Spring , trekking guide in Kathmandu and pokhara busy. Other time, they have to do alternative job  or waiting for trekking and living credit. Even  trekking guide salary are low for the livelihood. Now a days $15 usd to $20 usd are the basic salary of the trekking guide. They are like a farmers who depend upon sky water for sanitation.

My first experience as a trekking guide in Nepal Annapurna
In 1998, I have chances as a trekking guide in Nepal Annapurna region which I never forget in my life. I was so much curious with two trekkers in Jomsom muktinath trekking as a first time guide in Mountain. Guest were from Holland. Even I did not know much about the all trekking areas in Nepal , I had golden chances be a guide from this I can develop my carrier  for the trekking guide in Nepal. From kathmandu to pokhara I went by tourist bus then stay hotel Glacier in pokhara. Next morning we flew to jomsom from pokhara by Lumbini Airways. As soon as we reached there, we felt very cold there and experienced the jomsom where horse rider fastly  riding a horses. After breafst in jomsom , we walked two hours to Kagbeni and stay there for acclimatization. Another morning we climbed up to the muktinath through the snow way because that time was January. At the muktinath  temple we reached. It took 4 hours for us to access Muktianth, holy hindu places and famous trekking destination in Nepal. Guest were ask us about the places, history of the Hindus and Himalayan peaks. As a trekking guide, I explained from my study and hearing. Another days itinerary was Marpha, so, next early in the morning we went there via kaligandaki windy valley. Marpha  where was apple trees and apple cider and seemed greenly  with green vegetables. Then continuously Ghasa , Tatopani. Tatopani very amazing and lovely hot spring with nice delicious food. After tatopani to reach ghorepani I felt difficult and hungry on the way because way was completely up and 1800 m up from Tatopani. In evening we reached Ghorepani where was green color tin roof middle of the rhododendrons forest. Early in the morning we hike to poon hill 400 m up from the ghorepani tea spot. We see marvelous , spectacular views of Dhaulagiri, Tukuche, Dhampus , Annapurna I, Annapurna south, Hinchuli, fishtail with sunrise. We felt little heaven  while I was in the morning at the Ghorepani poon hill view point. Then continuously tadapani, Ghandruk, Birethathi then by taxi to pokhara. I got many things which was my foundation to become a trekking guide in Nepal. I cannot write what I felt lovely and heavenly experience there which is property of my imagination and thought.  

First Time in Everest base camp trekking as a Guide:
That time around 2000 A.D. Many trekking guide told that Everest trekking is difficult than other trekking region of Nepal due to the high altitude and behavior of the local hotel owners. Food quality for the guide as well as accommodation very poor. I heard frequently that type of the  news those guide had been previously in the Everest trekking region. But i was very curious to go there as a guide for the first time. we know the basic technique how to guide , so even new areas we have not problem because local assistant guide informed us the road condition.  i heard the stories of the first time Everest climbers when i study in my school. Also i heard the synbouche Airport highest in Nepal which is 3700 m from the sea level. Be a guide in Nepal why not go to the experience the trekking so that i was looking the appropriate time to be there. 
    Luckly , i had chances to go Everest with two English people , they were around 50 years old. At that time lukla airport going to concrete  and didnot go to direct flight from kathmandu to lukla and lukla to kathmandu. so, we had fly kathmandu to phaplu  then helicopter charter to lukla. 
There are daily basic salary of the trekking guide  which is above $20 per person per day. 
Upper mustang trekking 
Trekking guide hiring restriction areas Upper mustang, Manaslu, dolpo, kanchenjuga etc.
Restriction areas are more important to explore the culture, custom so it is important hiring experience license holder guide. 
Trekkers in Nepal with trekking guide Naba in kanchenjuna base camp trekking

 Manaslu trekking give you the best picture of the culture and life. join a home  stay family. 

First time manaslu trekking as a guide
I used to see the many trekkers going up to the manaslu trekking in my childhood time. at that time many people coming a tented camp and fully organized way. Most of the travelers from france. when i was 3 class one of the  trekking team from france built a school. I just heard the samagaon, larkya pass, sirdibas nothing more than that. When i was many other trekking areas, i had a dream about the manaslu trekking. Even i started the trekking in 1999, i been first time in manaslu after 12 years of the starting as a Guide. I had more curious about this trip and used to see the people, village and photography. I find more beautiful place Lo village and sha village because of the natural beauties. Since then i been trekking of manaslu in 2013 october, nearly 1 year after going of this manaslu trekking. 
Why trekking guide  Naba for the Nepal trekking?
Experience: starting trekking since 1999, trekking guide training 2003 got a grade 'A', has a own trekking agency and other friendly staff, got a graduate from the Tribhuvan university of Nepal. Mr. Naba has been Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, upper mustang as well as Everest, annapurna ,langtang.Budget trekking prices arranges by the Naba trekking guide. when trekking guide has own agency it will be easy to make a permit, timms card and other trekking document. so, all things can operate  individually and independently.  

First time in langtang valley as a trekking gudie:
I already told about my first tip  or chance to visit as a assistant guide and become the full guide. to say true i been langtang valley trekking very late than other region of the trekking even it is near from the kathmandu valley. Iam lucky to be there because i chances to been kanjin Gompa  and observe the views of the kynjin ri to all surrounding white himalayan peak. i and mike do lots of  hours walking. Can you belive, we walk from sabrubenshi to Ghoda tabela even the lama hotel is the proper trekking itinerary from the sabrubenshi. Then, second day we been to the kynjin Gompa via Langtang valley. Early morning we been to the Kynjin Ri, pictured the surrounding langtang Himalayas.  mt. Yela peak, mt.  Langtang ri, Langtang  Himal seems very picture. Then , we down to the Kynjin , after breakfast we continuously down tot he Lama hotel. most of the time tea house of the lama hotel over fulled because of the same staying itinerary from the Sabrubenshi  and Kynjin Gompa.  

First time in Kanjunga trekking as a Trekking guide in Nepal
Kanchenjunga trekking ! oh ! i have chance to go there first time with two friends Mike and Michael. Fly to Biratnagr but we realized better to fly Bhardapur instead after we been there. Actually i got travel information to the kanchenjunga trekking after i real feel that areas. 
Low trekkers number, cardamom farming on the trail, Ghunsa village, Tibetan refugee village , exciting mountain Kanchenjunga, Kumbhakarna , Lhonak are the memorable our trip to there. we analysis Kanchenjunga another region, actually there are many resources and possibility  for the travel and tourism. 
we found more adventure in at the time of the se le le pass. after that next morning we pass mirgin la then continuous to the Cheram. Trekking in kanchenjunga more fantastic and enjoy , actually it is no difficult as people are talking about this.

Upper Mustang trekking Guide in Nepal:
Upper mustang trekking ,even permit is expensive ,food and accommodation are very Cheaper.Upper mustang is no more remote restriction places in Nepal ,it is the easy easy and best trekking in Nepal. It is hundred percent sure,Upper mustang trek lodge ,food are cheaper than Annapurna treks. Upper mustang trek expensive things is permit. Transpiration is your choice can go and come by bus from Pokhara and Kathmandu.All the restrication area there are generally package service. if there are lodge and accommodation you just hire a guide and buy a permit.  

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