Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Kathmandu to Delhi bus ticket

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How to Book online bus Ticket to Delhi?
It is easy to  book online bus ticket from your house and place. Just you call inquire by phone, then we mobile message and Bus number,seat number,Driver number. So, it is also said Mobile phone bus ticket service. There are many remittance to pay the money of the Bus ticket such as mobile banking,e-banking,E-sewa,IME etc. Many customer phone me,how to pay the Kathmandu to Delhi bus ticket money, i told them same process. Call me at 9851005685 for availability and condition of the bus ticket then only at the ticket available i told you pay the money by Bank deposit at my account any kind of the paying process.

Bus ticket counter to Delhi in Kathmandu, Cost and Bus seclude 
Volvo Bus or Modi Bus has 45 seat with AC, it is also Called DTC friend ship bus service. On the occasion of the SAARC,PM Narendra Modhii open or flagged the Bus service in Dhasarath stadium in Kathmandu. we are selling the ticket of delhi since bus service operated. Delhi bus ticket bus station in Kathmandu Nepal, you can visit for the Paper ticket. Alternatively , you can get online bus ticket by SMS or via Viber and Whats app.
There are two kinds of the Volvo bus. One is Modi Volvo bus another is DTC Nepali volvo Bus. Two bus has 45 seater with  AC. In one week three time DTC Bus and daily Nepali standard Bus to Delhi.

Reporting and Departure time of  Volvo and standard Nepali bus to Delhi
Volvo Bus only Monday,Wednesday,Thursday),Nepali volvo Bus(Saturday,friday,Tuesday)
Reporting time:9:30 AM
Departure time: 10:00 AM
Approx access time to Delhi next day 12  or 1 Pm(28-30 hrs)

Nepali standard bus(All the day in the week)
Reporting time:8:30
Departure time: 9 AM
Place: Kathmandu to Delhi bus station.

Second Bus via Mahendra Nagar(Ac with Nepali standard Bus)
Reporting time:11.30 AM, Departure time: 12:00

Price of the Kathmandu to Delhi bus:
Bus price of Delhi are same even you ride from any parts and place in Nepal.(chitwan,Mugling,Narayanghat,Bhairwa,Butwal). Volvo Bus cost Rs. 4000 NPR,Nepali standard Bus cost Rs. 3700 NPR. )

Bus ticket counter of Delhi:
Our bus ticket office:
Kapaurdhara ,opposite to UK and Indian Embassy.

how early we have to book Kathmandu yo Delhi bus ticket?
It is better to book at least 3 days before advance.For the Volvo bus better to book 1 week before.many passenger asked the front seat,it is only possible depend upon the condition.if you are lucky you can get the immediate seat.some time cancellation by the other customer. It also w uestion

Contact phone:9851005685
where is the bus station in Delhi?
many Delhi kathmandu bus passenger asked the bus station in Delhi and time to bus deparature from delhi.Dtc volvo bus deparature from Delhi volvo is the deluxe bus and cost more then Nepali normal bus leaves 10 am from Delhi gate while Nepali normal bus station is Manjula tilla which is near from the 8 pm and 9 pm regular two bus leaves to Kathmandu.

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