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Kanchenjunga trek in Nepal

Welcome to Kanchenjunga trekking in Nepal

Kanchenjunga trekking permit, Itinerary,Guide, package cost, guide, Kanchenjunga trekking reviews,  details write:nabathapa28@gmail.com, experience trekking guide in kanchenjunga and trekking operator reply very soon Mr. Naba specialized the Kanchenjunga trekking since 5 years. He been there many times as a guide of that areas. You can ask with the Mr. Naba best season, starting point of this trekking, typical trekking days, trail condition and se le le pass.
   It is compulsion take   a tent , sleeping bag, light cooking material, dry food because more trekkers or less trekkers in Kanchenjunga tea house it is important. above the Ghunsa village, se le le pass lodge will not open if less trekkers. if more trekkers there is not enough tea house. Even tea house we are doing in the Kanchenjunga trekking , we still have to say semi tea house trekking( half camp, half tea house. That will be flexible some time sleeping in tent, some time tea house according to the condition. 

Kanchenjunga trekking as a Guide(Naba Thapa), photo down from the Lhonak, above from khambachen, from there see Mount. Kanchenjunga on the background.

Facts of the trekking:
Starting point of the Kanchenjunga trek-Taplejung or Basantapur(3 days shorter if you start from Taplejung)
Trekking Days-19
Destination-Kanchenjunga base camp & Se le le pass(Via Ghunsa village)
Trekking Grade: moderate/strenuous 
Trekking Type: Tea house with tent( Better to take a tent it is easy for Lhonak, Khambachen, se le le pass if there more tourist no enough  tea house accommodation)
Traditional drink 'Thumba' , test by Devori and Mike from England at kanchenjunga trekking. if you like to as question about kanchenjunga trekking with them write them: Diano Roveri (deelum31@hotmail.co.uk) and Mike Morty (mikemoreton@hotmail.com) 

Fixed group departure date for the Kanchenjunga trekking: 
we have both fixed group departure or causal group departure Kanchenjunga trekking Nepal. if you are like to go yourself  or with your friend and small group we make  your itinerary. 

Kanchenjunga trekking cost:Trekking cost of the Kanchenjunga trekking depend upon the group.However we  manage the cost of Kanchenjunga trekking. Flight ticket cost for Kanchenjunga, trekking guide hiring cost, Porter cost, food cost all are adding in the package trip of the Kanchenjunga trekking.Also in the cost of the Kanchenjunga package include the restriction permit  and cost for Kanchenjunga conservation entry fee.
if you like to just hiring guide porter and service for the permit making we have this facility also. In our experience Indian people they like to meet us in Birtamod or Kakadvitta and like to hire guide, porter, permit. Eg. People form Calcutta, Delhi,Mumbai etc.  like to Kanchenjunga trekking  and frequently ask the question about the hiring guide, manage the permit, porter cost. we give special discount rate for any country of the world. You can check the price for the same itinerary, same facility with qualified and experience guide for the Kanchenjunga trekking.

Kanchenjunga is the world third highest mountain in the world. Kanchenjunga trekking is one  of  the category of Nepal trekking where is least visited beautiful places. Kanchenjunga trekking occupy great wild valley to different ranges of the forest. specially Kanchenjunga is renowned as the queen of  the mountain it is encircle by other mountain peaks. Kanchenjunga trekking occupy various ecological zones, subtropical forest to glaciers . Kanchenjunga glacier play a significant to make to Kanchenjunga more beautiful. 

Difficulty of the Kanchenjunga trekking:-By the views of the accessibility from Kathmandu, it is far trekking. so, from Kathmandu better to fly Bhadrapur  then drive to Taplejung.  Kanchenjunga  have both moderate and strenuous way,appropriateness condition is needed. Actually to go base camp of Kanchenjunga no difficult but passing se le le ,mirgin la is  difficult.  no need mountaineering experience but  if some mountaineering experience it would be more preference. Actually no needed skill of the mountaineering. difficult some  is only Se le le pass to Cheram. 

Tea house in Lhonak,(one camp) 3 hours  a head than Kanchenjunga base camp

Trip highlighted:- Less visitors, high challenging mountain passes, Excellent views of the mountain,Grand  towering mountain and forest located where is splendid wildlife. Even this trek is strenous but you can get the tremendous varieties. In this trek visit the local sherpa, alpine meadows , monastery. This trek start from Basantapur and End in the Taplejung.

Places cover trekking:-Biratnagar,Gupha pokhari,sekhathum,Amjipass, khambachen, kande bhanjyang, Taplejung.

Best season:- March, April, May, June, September, October and early November. 
From the right side: Mike, Naba(me) and Di at the Kanchenjunga mirgin la pass
Itinerary of the Kanchenjunga Trekking:
  1. Fly from kathmandu to Biratnagar then drive to Basanapur(2200)
  2. Basantpur To chauki(2700m)
  3. Chaukai-Ghupha pokhari(2930m)
  4. Ghupha pokhari-Nisum(2000m)
  5. Nisum to Dovan(921m)
  6. Dovan to Chirwa(1270m)
  7. Chirwa to Sekhathum(1660m)
  8. Sekhathum to Amjilassa(2510m)
  9. Amjilassa to Kyapra(2730m)
  10. Kyapra to Ghunsa(3595)
  11. Ghunsa to khambachen(4040m)
  12. Khambachen to Lhonak(4785m)
  13. Day trip pangpema
  14. pangpema to khambachen
  15. khambachen to ghunsa
  16. trek around Glacier up to 5540 m, highcamp
  17. Highcamp to Ramche
  18. Ramche to Tseram(3870m) back to Ramche
  19. Ramche to Amchekhola
  20. Amchekhola to ponphe
  21. ponphe to kande bhanjyang
  22. kande bhanjyang to lal kharka
  23. lal Kharka to Taplung
  24. Taplejung to fly to kathmandu
  25. kathmandu to your own destination.    
Mike from England(left) and Naba  Guide(right) in Kanchenjunga base camp

Tips for the Kanchenjunga trekking:
Kanchenjunga south to North base camp( have to pass se le le  from cheram to Ghunsa main base village is Amphudhin)
kanchenjunga north to south base camp( have to se le pass from Ghunsa to Cheram,)
 You can starting the trekking from Taplejung for the south and north base camp both. South base camp going last village is Amphudhin. There is also way to go Amphudhin from meldung therpu via Ganesh chowk( section to go meldung village by bus from the before Taplejung bus route) if you go from south base camp first north base camp you can do. if you first visit the north base camp to south base camp . at the time of the walking from Ghunsa to se le pass you become tired and most of the people like to back from  cheram.

Memorization  Event of the Kanchenjunga trekking
Ghunsa to Lhonak(jumped the itineary): we had a trouble when we did jump the itinerary. michale , lee and  me follow the itinerary always during our trip Taplejung to Ghunsa. After one day rest in Ghunsa we moved towards the next point Khambachen. we ask the villagers in ghunsa either tea shop  opening or no for staying. I ask one lodge owners in Ghunsa who have also Lodge in Khambachen. They told us that there are yak shepard who opened the Shop in Khambachen. After walking 2 hours there is coming grassy land, meet landslide areas. we move up then straightly walking to the Khambachen. we saw some tents there and ask for the launch boiled potatoes and Dhal bhat there. our physical condition was good, the place very nice we are surrounding the white mountain. 
"When we couldnot sleep with cold i think  and plying many things in my mind. we didn't hungry even without eating, but we fear somewhere imaginary Yeti  coming and bite us, or grazing Yak tread us and hit us. we feel feared  snow leopard that areas in Kanchenjunga, might be come and make us wound. we ate lots of Dhal Bhat at Khambachen, That was our energy and back power. Other things we can survive from cold, wind or no"
We ask the hour to reach the Lhonak. Yak shepheard said, it is very easy from khambachen to lhonak just 3 hours. Again he told us there are people in the tea houses today, tomoroow cannot be say he will be there or no. Then we try to do Lhonak this day. just one hours before Lhonak there was snow and cloudly. time already passed more than 5 Pm. time was March. we become like a crow who hide in the cloud. Near reaching the Lhonak one Lamp lighting there. we follow this, and walk our way. we couldnot found the tea houses. We try and cry but that lamp we didnot find. AT Last we find one big cave stone, then we try to sleeping in the sleeping bag. we made the pillow for your bag then without eating we are going to sleep there. 
But we couldnot sleep, feel very cold. There is snowy and blowing the wind very difficult to sleep. we imagine  and wait tomorrow morning . we wish morning coming very soon. we look the watch, but just 10 Pm. we pray to God, escape from this situation. at last effort, very late, with the struggle with the night, we encounter see the light every where. Oh! morning now !!!!!. one of my  friend  michel said, 'We still survive". This word still coming in my ear. we are going to forget last night suffering soon because beautiful white mountain surrounding us. Just one kilometer before, we see the yesterday missing tea shop, then we happy and  regret both. We knock the tea shop and they open the door. we ask the tea, he make this immediately . we feel we got a new energy and life. Other trekkers guide and tea shop man said yesterday they heard the voice and they think their our tourist go outing. we get the great lesson from that even that must be bring a tent and mattress. After this incident if some body ask me about this trip, i advise them take the tent, sleeping bag , dry food. 

Kanchenjunga trekking Reviews
Last year 2012 March, we did Kanchenjunga trekking in Nepal. As iam trekking guide in Nepal plus trekking agency owners i heard many times about Kanchenjunga trekking. Like other trekkers I used to read a lonely planet about the route of the kanchenjunga as well as many trekking company  itinerary to get the ideas. Most of the trekking agency write from Basantapur about the starting point of the Kanchenjunga trekking. Similarly, many trekking agency in kathmandu menu write a fly kathmandu to Biratnagar. Mike and Ravi are my My clients who are from England. I meet Mike morten previous trekking, we did langtang valley plus helambu trekking together. Ravi was more logic and calculating person than mike in my experience. They take information from a different trekking agency in kathmandu, and finally they booked from Mountain Air Guided adventures in a Guide service. Most of the trekking agency did not operated  without package service for kanchenjunga trekking, but Mountain Air Guided Adventures managed them a Guide service. for the restriction permit  of the kanchenjunga it is little bit difficult. There is needed a company tax clear, dollar account in the Nepal rastra Bank and complete tax and audit clear. I take the original passport to got the permit of the kanchenjunga. Finally, I success making a trekking document of the Kanchenjunga base camp treks.
a. 3 weeks permit cost 30 dollar for the kanchenjunga trekking per person. One week  prices  cost $ 10 usd.
b. Kanchenjunga conservation entry fee Rs. 2000 per person.
    I knew later Bharadapur  fly from kathmandu  is better if one start the trekking from Taplejung. I ask the flight company  changing the ticket and make for Bhardapur, but they are hesitation and like to more prices. Actually , we had no time changing the ticket. we flew Biratnagar by Buddha Air. With the Everest himalayan ranges views from the window of the plane , we landed to the Biratnagar for the base camp trekking of the Kanchenjunga. Actually, we start from the low land of the Nepal or terai. we become very happy that all kinds of  the geography of Nepal we chances to touch and feel. Then, amusing the terai and keeping a sweet dream of the Kanchenjunga , we ride a bus to Birtamod. After 4 hours long bus driving again we hiring a jeep to the Phidim, the headquarters of the panchthar "phidim". One way we amuse the views of the tea state of Nepal called Phikkal and Kanyam. Next morning we reached the Taplejung from phidim , then eating a  breakfast. Then , we follow the itinerary of the Kanchenjunga trekking from Taplejung Nepal.
Taplejung to Sinwa
Sinwa to sekathum
Sekathum to Gyabla
Gyabla to Ghunsa
Ghunsa to Lhonak
Lhonak to Kanchenjunga base camp then come back Lhonak
Lhonak to Ghunsa
Rest day in Ghunsa
Ghunsa to se le le pass 4290 m
Sele le to mirjin la  4480 then sinelapcha bhanjhyang (4646) then down to cheram -Annaphedi(3370m)-tortong(2995m)
Trotong(2995m)-Lasiya Bhanjhayang(3310)-Yamphudhin(2080)
Panchami to Ganeshcowk
Ganesh Chowk- to  bus to Birtamod
Birtamod  to Kathmandu by bus.
Main Drinks of the people of Taplejung called 'Thmba'. Mike and Devori testing this. 

Rest day of the Kanchenjunga trekking:
1. Ghunsa is the rest point of the Kanchenjunga trekking in Nepal. either you go up to the Kanchenjunga base camp or Se le le pass or Mirgin la pass Ghunsa is the Rest village of  the Kanchenjunga trekking.
2. Next side of the sele le there are cheram, after 2 days camp there is the village Amphudhin.
3. From Amphudhin after walking 1 days can meeting the bus road, which is unpaved , just for the dry season.

Transportation of the Kanchenjunga trekking:
Transportation access for the Kanchenjunga trekking starting point: where you are starting kanchenjunga trekking ? From Taplejung or Basantapur , according to that transportation are categorized. if you go by plane from Kathmandu to Trekking starting point of the  the kanchenjunga, it is better to fix the starting point of the trekking. if you like to start from the Basantapur,  it is better to fly kathmandu to Biratnagar, then bus to Basantapur Hill Dhunkuta. but if you like to start the trekking from taplejung and like to go by plane from kathmandu, better to fly Bharadapur. from bus to Birtamod to Taplejung take a 10 hours. In the rhododendrons flowers spring time, it is better to trekking starting from Basantapur. otherwise , Taplejung is the best places , which make shortens the days.  if you like to fly sukhetar, it is possible from Biratnagar to sukhetar and sukhetar to Biratnagar. From bus to Dhankuta and basantapur from kathmandu if you start the kanchenjunga trekking from Basantapur. second option , you can go direclty buy bus to Taplejung if you like to start the Kanchenjunga base camp from Taplejung.
Trekking guide in the Kanchenjunga trekking: It is compulsion  trekking with guide in Kanchenjunga areas trekking in Nepal. Government license Holder trekking guide who have already been in Kanchenjunga areas is highly recommended in the Kanchenjunga trekking areas in Nepal. Please check either your guide have insurance or no.

Permit and prices of the Kanchenjunga trekking:
Kanchenjunga trekking permit cost $10 for one week , so it is important 3 week permit  which is cost $30 for the 3 week permit of the Kanchenjunga trekking. For the 20 days trekking package of the Kanchenjunga trekking cost $1200 per person. In this prices not included the flight ticket from kathmandu to Bhadrapur and Bhadrapur to Kathmandu.Minimum 2 person Equal to 1 porter for the Kanchenjunga trekking. if you need tent it need a exporter, so,  extra cost will be $250 usd.
Like kanchenjunga trekking upper mustang trekking  also restriction areas trekking in Nepal
Naba with Di in Kanchenjunga trekking, photo middle between Ghunsa and Khambachen

Kanchenjunga trekking inquiry
We two Indians want to do Kanchenjunga trek in Sept 2014(08.09.14 approx starting). We like to walk in a leisurely pace(6/7 hrs)/ day starting early morning(around 7 am). I have seen that your charge is $1200/ head. What will be the cost in Indian currency? Whether it covers entrance fee, permit fee, lodging(tea house preferably), food, guide & porter(two carry our big pack(avg 20kg total)& transport from Birtamod to Taplejung? We want to cross the border from Kakarbhitta & take transport from Birtamod. Please let me know.
Dear sir, 
thanks for your inquiry and curiosity about the Kanchenjunga trekking, Thank you very much for that. myself i have ben there and i have many guide for this. 
1200 usd per head menas one guide, one porter, your food and permit . Transportation included from Birtamod to taplejung. here is not included entrance permit cost 3000 Rupees for 3 weeks. 
if you pay in indian curency al permit with guide package just Rs 80000 INR per head. any kind of the curiosity let me write. iam always reply soon.
Best regards,

Dear Naba Thapa,
             Thanks for your reply. But it is not clear what about
1.  lodging(Tea house/tent) & transport from Taplejung to Birtamod(way back). I hope it is included. 
2. Another thing, we will carry only day pack with camera, medicine & drinking water. Our big luggage will come as 20-22 kg(total maximum). I hope porter will carry that. 
3. Our budget was Rs 75000/- per head(all inclusive), can you please consider that.
4. Whether tea houses are available troughout the route or you will arrange for tent? 
5. What kind of food is available in this trek? 
6. Can you give me day to day itinerary with detail of how many hours of average walk ?
7. Whether 8th sept is a good time to start the trek? 
             Hope for early reply  
                                         Ms S. Basu

Dear sir, 
Thank you very much about your question and curiosity about the trekking  management, permit, guide , porter, transportation , tent  and itinerary. It is clear transportation, from Birtamod to Taplejung  and Taplejung to Birtamod will be included. Transportation  will be sharing bus and Jeep.Mainly we operate the kanchenjunga basis upon tea house trekking. There are basics lodges in the Kanchenjunga trekking. After Ghunsa village There will come Khambachen, Lhonak and Kanchenjunga base camp. Actually kanchenjunga base camp is day hike from Lhonak  and come back there for  staying Lhonak. so, There is house for sleeping in Lhonak generally two nights , still we recommendation the very warm and good sleeping bag even tent or no. From Lhonak you can come back to Ghunsa one day because the way is down and easy at the time of the come back. As you know it take two days at the time of going up to the way of base camp from Ghunsa to Lhonak.  Tea house lodges belongs to people from Ghunsa village. Village people of Ghunsa will go Khambachen and Lhonak if  more trekkers are there on the way up there. otherwise we have to request the lodge owner for the key of the kitchen, at that time we need  both sleeping bag and tent because they just give Kitchen Key of Lhonak and khambhen if lodge owners donot go with you.  if you have no tent mattress at this condition  you can hire your own way in Ghunsa. This is the reason condition of the tent need or no. As already mention sleeping bag and tent no inclusive in this prices because tea house way we are going to operating the trek  Kanchenjunga. 
Water falls before Khambachen and after Ghunsa on the way up to Kbc

Foods of the Kanchenjunga trekking Nepal
As Kanchenjunga trekking is the basics tea house trekking in Nepal there are basic food and lodges. Rice Curry, nodule soup, Bread, fried potatoes, Chowmein  are main foods in this trip. You can get tea with this foods in the Kanchenjunga trekking Nepal. 
Itinerary of the Kanchenjunga trekking Nepal:
Itinerary of the Kanchenjunga trekking will be modified many ways and tailor made. mainly we made this before starting the trekking. For the people who are coming from India or already in Birtamod itinerary will start from there. Actually walking depend upon speed of the walking. but we are generalize the  walk. trekkers couldn't  walk like a local people because they have no habit as them. 
1. Birtamod to Taplejung by bus or sharing Jeep
2. Taplejung to Miltung-4 hours
3. Miltung to Chirawa-5-6 hours
4. Chirawa to Sukathum-5 hours
5.Sukathum to Amjilosa-6 hours
6. Amjilosa to Gyabla-5 hours
7. Gyabla to Ghunsa-5 hours
8. Rest day in Ghunsa
9. Ghunsa to Khambachen-5-6 hours
10. Khambachen to Lhonak-4-5 hours
11. Lhonak to Kanchenjunga base camp and back to Lhonak-7-8 hours 
12. Lhonak to Khambachen-4-5 hours
13. Khambachen to Ghunsa-4-5 hours
14. Ghunsa to Gyabla
15. Gyabla to Amjilosa
16. Amjilosa to Sekathum
17. Sekathum to Chirawa
18. Chirawa to Miltung
19. Miltung to Taplejung
20. Taplejung to Biratamod by bus or sharing Jeep. 

Itinerary of Se le le pass and Kanchenjunga base camp
1. Birtamod to Taplejung by bus or sharing Jeep
2. Taplejung to Miltung-4 hours
3. Miltung to Chirawa-5-6 hours
4. Chirawa to Sukathum-5 hours
5.Sukathum to Amjilosa-6 hours
6. Amjilosa to Gyabla-5 hours
7. Gyabla to Ghunsa-5 hours
8. Rest day in Ghunsa
9. Ghunsa to Khambachen-5-6 hours
10. Khambachen to Lhonak-4-5 hours
11. Lhonak to Kanchenjunga base camp and back to Lhonak-7-8 hours 
12. Lhonak to Khambachen-4-5 hours
13. Khambachen to Ghunsa-4-5 hours
14. Rest day in Ghunsa
15. Ghunsa to Se le le pass( basic lodges, if not open need a tent and have to cook file staff such as guide, porter)
16. Se le le pass to cheram
17. cheram to  Ramche
18. Ramche to oktung then back to Ramche. 
19. Ramche to Tortong
20. Tortong to Yamphudin
21. Yamphudin to Khebang
22. Khebang to Sinam
23. Sinam to Meldung 
24. Meldung to Ride bus to Birtamod. 
25. Birtamod to Kathmandu 

Dear Ms s. Basu
Thanks very much about the trekking management question. As you know , Kanchenjunga trekking operating two ways. camping and tea house trekking. either camping or tea house, sleeping  bag is necessary.   we are going to organize the tea house trekking so, no included the tent. Tent is necessary Khambachen and lhonak  if only not opening the  tea house by the people of Ghunsa. It take 2 days to reach Ghunsa Lhonak, where is also lodges operating by the people of Ghunsa. in case if you need, you can hire from Ghunsa for 3-4 days. if we manage tent it need another porter, kitchen stuff so, charge will be more. in my previous experiencing the trekking, we just take sleeping bag there.
Naba and Dio after walking 4 hours from Taplejung ,Near Miltung village

Foods of the Kanchenjunga trekking Nepal
As Kanchenjunga trekking is the basics tea house trekking in Nepal there are basic food and lodges. Rice Curry, nodule soup, Bread, fried potatoes, Chowmein  are main foods in this trip. You can get tea with this foods in the Kanchenjunga trekking Nepal. 
Itinerary of the Kanchenjunga trekking Nepal:
Itinerary of the Kanchenjunga trekking will be modified many ways and tailor made. mainly we made this before starting the trekking. For the people who are coming from India or already in Birtamod itinerary will start from there. Actually walking depend upon speed of the walking. but we are generalize the  walk. trekkers couldn't  walk like a local people because they have no habit as them. 
1. Birtamod to Taplejung by bus or sharing Jeep
2. Taplejung to Miltung-4 hours
3. Miltung to Chirawa-5-6 hours
4. Chirawa to Sukathum-5 hours
5.Sukathum to Amjilosa-6 hours
6. Amjilosa to Gyabla-5 hours
7. Gyabla to Ghunsa-5 hours
8. Rest day in Ghunsa
9. Ghunsa to Khambachen-5-6 hours
10. Khambachen to Lhonak-4-5 hours
11. Lhonak to Kanchenjunga base camp and back to Lhonak-7-8 hours 
12. Lhonak to Khambachen-4-5 hours
13. Khambachen to Ghunsa-4-5 hours
14. Ghunsa to Gyabla
15. Gyabla to Amjilosa
16. Amjilosa to Sekathum
17. Sekathum to Chirawa
18. Chirawa to Miltung
19. Miltung to Taplejung
20. Taplejung to Biratamod by bus or sharing Jeep. 
 After September first week , it is nice season  for trekking in Kanchenjunga. if you have any question regarding the management, cost you can ask many question, we will answering you very quickly. I already give the prices, cost will be Rs. 80000 INR per head above this itinerary inclusive Guide, porter, food, transportation. In case if earlier , no money refund. generally after departure the trip, no money refund. I eager to heard from you about the trail and management system frequently , i will answers you very soon. 
Best regards, 
Naba Thapa
Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)Ltd
Kathmandu Nepal. Email: nabathapa28@gmail.com
Local people of Kanchenjunga trekking

Tea house condition from Ghunsa to Kanchenjunga base camp  and Ghunsa to se le le pass
Up from the Ghunsa village there are  Three point 1. Khambachen , Lhonak and Kanchenjunga base camp. That places we recommended the tent. There are two reason better have to tent. 1. if low number of trekkers going to the kanchenjunga base camp, local people donot like to go from ghunsa to the khambachen, lhonak and kanchenjunga base camp. Major things is all the seasonal lodges owners are from Ghunsa village. if they go no problem, otherwise they only agree to give kitchen key if they believe you where you can cook your food. in case you have no tent, food to cook , stove you can hire in the ghunsa village. if you management all things from Kathmandu, Naturally cost will be expensive. so, this is tips and ideas we offer for the budget way trekking in kanchenjunga base camp. 

Ghunsa to Se le le pass 

From Ghunsa or after finished Kanchenjunga base camp if you like to pass  se le le there is also same things. there are one seasonal  lodges and Dharmashala in se le le, open in case more tourist otherwise you have to tent there and cook food. After passing se le le either you have to phone the people of the Yamphudhin to open the lodges. Generally it took one day they come from Amphudhin to Cheram, Ramche,yoktung, Torang,Annaphedi.

Dear s. basu, 
I managed the tour of kanchenjunga best prices than other agency. I hope another business from your friend as well as. As you say , you have already 20 kg pagback, if there is a tent , mattress, need a another porter  and have to hire a tent. I think one tent , 2 mattress, 2 sleeping bag will be enough for you. Just tent need 2 or 3 places if no opening the tea house above from Ghunsa. For your reviews the map , i like to clear the things. Basically it take 3 days to go kanchenjunga from the Ghunsa village. all lodges above Ghunsa are seasonal and opening if there are more trekkers  to go base camp. otherwise we have to request them  and paying the daily wages for 3 days, so that they open and make a food for us and give accommodation there. It will be still cheaper rather hiring extra porter and rent a tent, kitchen equipment.  
     Last time, we did kanchenjunga  base camp trek depend upon sleeping bag. we have to pay little extra for the people Ghunsa in case there are no more tourist going up from there, then they will  do that. First option, we can hire local people from the Ghunsa to the Kanchenjunga base camp for 3 days if no more trekkers. first things we have chances to stay in the lodges  in Lhonak and Khambachen. at that condition just sleeping bag will be enough and no need to hire tent and extra porter.
 i did the same trip, above this ideas. My customers or trekker also happy , i also happy for the eco friendly way. if we are agreement like that ways, your previous prices quotation  might be ok. Further i like give one information that you have to make insurance paper for the kanchenjunga trip. we made our field staff and porter insurance from here. 
 hope to exchange ideas and digging more style for easy trip to kanchenjunga. 

Best regards, 
Naba and Mike in Kanchenjunga trip
Dio and me in kanchenjunga trekking
Naba Thapa

Dear Naba,
      You didn't get me right. Actually we are like to stay in tea houses rather than in tent. I just want to know, if we pay rs 800000 /  head then do we have to pay more for stay in tea houses?


Dear Sumita, 

Thank you very much freuent email from there. i always like to reply any kind of the reply very soon. still if you have any confusion about the way, prices, itinerary etc. let me right. Yes, per person Rs. 80000 INR for the kanchenjunga tea house  trekking  
Keep and touch
best regards, 
Naba Thapa
Best regards, 
Mike and Dio in kanchenjunga treks

Dear Naba,
      When we 2 trekkers are discussing about the trek I noticed that the itinerary given to me is different from on I got from your website as under
Kanchenjunga trekking Itinerary:

1. Flight from Kathmandu to Bhardrapur by Yeti arilines or Buddha air then Jeep or Bus to Taplejung(18290m)
2. Taplejung to trekking to Sinwa about 5 hours
3. Sinwa to Tapethok(1322m)
4. Tapethok to Ghaiyabari(2000m)
5. Ghaiyabari to Gyabla(2725m)
6. Gyabla to Ghunsa(3415m)
7. Rest day in Ghunsa
8. Ghunsa to Khanbachen(4145m)
9. Khanbachen to Lhonak(4792m)
10. Lhonak to Kanchenjunga base camp(5150m) then back to Lhonak
11. Lhonak to Ghunsa(3415m)
12. Ghunsa to Se le le pass(4200m)

13. Se le le pass to Mirgin la pass(4645m) then Sinelapcha Bhanjyang(4645m) then down to  Cheram(3868m)

14. Cheram to Oktung(4740m) , back to Cheram
15. Cheram to Tortong(2980m)

16. Tortong to  2 hours up to Lasiya Bhanjyang(3415m0 then 3 hourd down to Yamphudin(1692m)

17. Yamphudin  Ghatichhinne Bhanjyang then down again Ekchana Bhanjyang after than half an hours to Khebang(1915m)

18. Khebang to Phaklong
19. Bus to Birtamod
20. Biramod to Bhardapur then fly to Kathmandu.
Actually We are interested about this itinerary & not the one you have given me in your e-mail dated Feb 8th. Please let me hear from you regarding this.

Dear susmita, 
yes, there are different itinerary because there is possible to modified different way. you can see more than 4 types of the itinerary. This your mention website itineary is for them who passes the se le le after kanchenjunga base camp. in previous itineary i give easy way down , after come back from base camp of kanchenjunga. 
           so, many people prefer i previously mention itinearay because main purpose is to be in base camp is enough. 

keep and touch
Best regards,
Kanchenjunga trekking, after Mirgin la pass

Option of the transportation  in kanchenjunga trekking:

  • Kathmandu to Biratnagar flight if you starting this trekking from Basantapur
  • Kathmandu to Bhardapur flight if you like to starting the trekking headquarters of the Taplejung. 
  • From Biratnagar to suketar airport there are weekly flight to suketar. 
  • Kathmandu to Basantapur by bus
  • Kathmandu to Illam by bus. 


I would like to either solo trek or join some people on at least 25 days for Kachenjuna...loose itinerary....would be   Kathmandu-Bhadrapur (by plane) - Taplejung (by jeep) - Lalikharka-Yangthung (local house) - Mamankhe - Sherpa Gaon - Torongton - Tseram - Ramche (camp) - Sele La Phedi - Ghunsa - Khambachen - Lhonak - Pangpema (camp) - High Camp (camp, climb Tengkoma) - Lhonak - Ghunsa - Thangem (camp) - Sekathum - Sinwa - Bhadrapur (trek to Taplejung, then jeep) - Kathmandu (by plane).

 i am retired, great shape, can c arry weight, and willing to camp with gear. looking for budget trip. thankyou for your help. bill

Dear william sir, 
Thanks very much for the inquiry about the Kanchenjunga trekking. 
we organize service package or full board package for the kanchenjkunga trekking. Service package include the restriction permit , flight ticket, local transportation for Bhardapur to Illam and illam to Bhardapur similarly pick up and drop to domestic airport.Guide and porter. In the full board package include the Your food and accommodation , permit, guide, porter, flight ticket to bhardarpur, all kinds of the local transpiration. if you are solo travelling , you have to pay the extra Kanchenjunga permit fee because It need  minimum 2 people in a group. I need photocopy of the another people in case of single people kanchKanchenjunga. It cost $30 usd  for the 4 weeks Kanchenjunga restriction permit plus Rupees 2000 for the Kanchenjunga conservation permit. so, twice time Kanchenjunga trekking permit you need. 25 days trekking cost  $ for the guide $30 usd per day. Your food cost $30 usd per day, porter cost $20 per day. Kathmandu to Bhadrapur flight for the kanchenjunga trekking cost $180 usd per person. so round flight for kanchKanchenjungaking for the kathmandu to bhadrapur cost $ 360 per person. For the Nepalese people round way flight cost Rs. 15000 per person for the round flight. we provide you the restriction  permit, Kanchenjunga conservation area fee Rs 2000 per person. plus Jeep or bus for the kanchenjunga trekking starting point and after finished trekking jeep or bus to bhardapur from Illam. You can pay your food yourself. 
Mountains  home  is running by the home stay family in Nepal kathmandu. Home stay in Nepal give you the best ideas of the explore the Nepalese culture by giving face to face and eyewitness experience.  lets home stay in Nepal for  grab  the opportunity  to study the Nepalese life style. 

Faq about the kanchenjunga trekking Nepal

Why Kanchenjunga trekking with us?
-we are experienced for the kanchenjunga trekking. Team of our agency has been there and they suggest you about the itinerary , Budget, route of the kanchenjunga trip. 

What is the route of the Kanchenjunga trekking?
Route of the Kanchenjunga trekking depend upon transportation and duration of the time. Either you are fly from kathamndu or bus to Taplejung. Taplenjunga-miltung-Tapethok, omjilosa, gabla, Ghunsa, Khambachen, Lhonak, Kanchenjunga base camp.....

What is the budget of the kanchenjunga trekking?
Budget of the kanchenjga trip depend upon transporaton and days of the kanchenjunga trekking

How i book the Kanchenjunga trekking?
-you can email  us and pay the advance by the bank, credit card etc. 

Do i need a insurence for the kanchenjunga trekking
-Of course you need a insurence for the kanchenjunga trekking Nepal. Before you trip better to insurence. 

My First Experience in Kanchenjunga base camp trekking, se le le pass

Kathmandu to Biratnagar Flight

Destination is very amazing and curious before reach that place. I remember that sentence when i going to Kanchenjunga trekking Nepal. First i was lazy to do that but after walking that place there are new energy and thought coming. we flew from Katmandu to Biratnagar. Oh! flight was very marvelous because of the fantasy views of the Himalaya  view from Katmandu to Biratnagar sky. I like to research the Himalaya from the sky so very  deeply i try to identified the  Himalaya. Some are i recognized while some are not recognized.  Person who are  same seat going to asking the Himalayan mountain. I was focusing and try to glance Mount.  Kanchenjunga from the plane. My effort going  up to the far eastern Himalaya to identified the mount. Kanchenjunga from the sky. Even i fly any corner of the Nepal i try to sit suitable site. I used to recommendation my clients  to sit right side of the plane when they fly  Pokhara and left side to sit when they are going to fly   Everest region(lukla) and left side to go Biratnagar  and Bhdrapur.

            After booking the ticket Biratnagar, i realized to buy a ticket to Bhadrapur. From Bhadrapur to Birtamod chowk just half and hours drive. I ask my flight booking agent to book the ticket for Bhardapur but he reply no possible to cancel this  and no ticket for the Bhadrapur left. so, we have no further option then we flew next morning to Biratnagar. we had Buddha Air ticket to fly there. after flying 5 minutes Air hostess going to briefing about the precaution such as Belt, safety window first then going to serve cola , almonds, choklet  etc. After forty minutes plane was landed , temperature was hot  in Biratnagar. After landing  the plane in the Biratnagar Airport we are going to bus station to buy the ticket to the Birtamod. we take a Riksa to go bus station, then buy a ticket in Super express bus. most of the bus wrote the super express to convince the passenger. i felt very hot Biratnagar  and thought inside we have to reach Kanchenjunga base camp, how cold will be there !
 Bus to Birtamod from Biratnagar  then Jeep drive to Panchthar
we feel some bore because frequently stopping the bus  even  they have a board super express. Tired from the slow bus we reach the Birtamod at 4 o'clock. we didnot found the bus for the taplejung then we decided to  hire a jeep to the panchthar. Driver ask where we from and where to heading? we said we are going to Kanchenjuna trekking, iam a guide. Then he himself introduce other people about me and our planning to kanchenjunga trip. After one hours driving we felt heavenly views of the Kynam tea garden then cloudy Hills  down to the Maypokharari and Illam Bazzar. Then, countinous to the Ranke after that down from the top hills to the Panchthar. we stayed one night there with very curiosity.

Panchar to Taplejung  by bus then trek to meltung-Sinwa:
It was amazing morning bus to Pungling the district headquarters of the Taplejung. we  reached there after 4 hours bus riding from Panchthar headquarters. Before this we see the kabali khola which is following the North  direction.  Bus driver told us it is the one river in the world to follow the north direction. I buy socks, torch light, some  biscuit and snacks  in Pungling bazzar and we eat some food  there then continuously walking to meltung then again move ahead to the sinwa for the staying the night. There was S.L.C. Examatation  at that time. we see many local people gathering about the  Political issue. Also i introduce some of the local people at Sinwa on the way trekking to the Kanchenjunga trekking. we didnot meet fellow travelers there also.
we going slightly up ,meeting local porters, Plantation of Alachaiee. some time crossing the bridge then we reach Chiruwa(1270m) in launch time. we had Nice Thumba and noudle soup there. Also we give to cook the meat which we bough in Sinwa. we following the Tamor River all the way up. On the way there are local people who was rest in the shadow place, we also sit there. he talk about the local main sources income is Alachaiee. After walking 1 and half hours we arrive in Taplethok there was Kanchenjunga permit and Kanchenjunga conservation permit check place. There was not checking person of the permit. i heard it will be double permit cost in Ghunsa if no receive the permit there. Then i wrote some application in front of the eyewitness if in case some problem in Ghunsa. we reached  Sukathum(1576m) in the evening time. then stay the local tea house there. some time we talk the  lodge owners and stories about the different trekkers.
Sekathum to Gyabla:
we felt some difficulty  because road is steeply than before. on the way of the trail there was camp site made my the local people. Before Amjilosa we become hungry and thirsty. we reached top ridge where was two normal houses. Owners of the hotel are not caring as well as professional. we didnot give any kind of the intension and he worked own his way. we felt bothering there and climb up some terrace and request one tea shop to make a nodule  Soup, then we wait there before cooking and eat. after eating the food we had new energy  and continuous to the Gyabla. In the Thanyani(2405) we tired more because we already walked 2 hours from Amjilosa. There was just one houses but not suitable for the stay then we further walked 1 and half hours to reach the Gyabla(2730m). There was many people in the  tea houses , i donot know the owners of the hotel. one of the people say there are already full hotel, then i go next place to look but was not suitable place like before. Again i ask  same hotel and success to meet the owners. then we get the room there. Like before we talk about the local life and  pilgrimage tour to the different areas. There was staying the local porters who supply the goods to the Ghunsa as well as for the khambachen and lhonak.

Gyabla to Ghunsa:
we meet the porters on the way who were staying the same hotel in Gyabla. Then, we up to the Phale. There we feel like a shopping center, many woolen blankets, tibetan gift are going to selling. As well as there was cheese, butter tea and clothese. I know that market was Tibetan refugees who have only refugee certificate  but not Nepalese citizenship. After some minutes wait there, we move to Ghunsa , the big village of  that areas. Before reach Ghunsa we meet  local people and they recommended the staying place so we move to the hotel recommended by them. At hotel we get the conservation of the kanchenjunga permit form the hotel owners who was  also workers of the conservation project of the Kanchenjunga. we stay one day there more for  the acclimatization(3595). Ghunsa is the same height as Namche bazzar and Manang.

Ghunsa to Khambachen (4050m)-Lhonak(4780m)

After day rest we trek to the khambachen. Above Ghunsa there  is seasonal tea house , people from the Ghunsa. If there is more tourist, tea house owners going up for the business  and if less people they give the key of the kitchen. Because of this problem the parts of the Khambachen, lhonak , most of the trekking agency recommendation the extra porter , food and tent. we get the news some body already in Khambachen to open the tea houses , so we continuously trek up  to the Khambachen. In launch hours we reached there and amuse the views of the mt. Khumbha karna himal, Kanchenjunga etc. There was already tent  in khambachen. we follow the places of the yak headers according  to the recommendation form the  villagers at Ghunsa. we eat boiled potatoes and salt masala at  Khambachen. we meet first time some  trekkers, Nepalese guide and had nice conservation. I talked with Mike and thomas staying there or continuous up to the  lhonak. They agree further up to the Lhonak then we walked up again. on the way there is going to beginning snowing and cloudy also going to dark slowly.

Latest inquiry of the Kanchenjunga trekking Nepal:
NameRachel McInerney
MessageMy husband and I are looking for a trekking company to organise trekking permits and a guide for Kanchenjunga later in the year - do you offer this service?

Dear Rachel, 
Thanks for the asking the information about the Kanchenjunga trekking Nepal. it is very great to heard from you. we offer the best service with best trekking guide Nepal. Myself iam a guide and i have many friends of the Kanchenjunga trekking guide. 
I suggest you 3 weeks trekking permit, it cost just $30 usd per person, Then, Kanchenjunga conservation  fee Rs. 2000 Rupees. 
Service charge for the making the permit is $50 per person. so, including the the service charge Kanchenjunga all document per person $100 usd . 
     Trekking guide cost $30 per day that is included his food, salary, accommodation in mountain. Three weeks cost $630 usd for the trekking guide.You can divide this money with your group. 1 person Guide  cost $ 315 usd per person if there are 2 people in a group. Similarly $210 per person if there are 3 people in a group. 

       It is better to pay the food and accommodation yourself. You can manage the budget $25 usd per day 1 person. It will be less than that also. I also give recommendation sleeping bag which is useful more  in  Khambachen, Lhonak and Se le le pass. According to your time i help to tailor made itinerary for the kanchenjunga trekking Nepal. 
          Transportation: There is two option by bus to the starting place of the Kanchenjunga or by plane to Bhardapur. Bus take 15 hours to reach while plane makes easier to reach the starting point of this trip. if you have any kinds of the curiosity can ask me freely. 
       Best regards, 
Second  memorization Event in the Kanchenjunga trekking:
After back to Kanchenjunga base camp, we stay one more day in Ghunsa again for preparation for the se le le pass, Mirgin la pass  to go Kanchenjunga south base camp called Oktung. We thinking to go se le le pass, we got the news that local person going to opening the tea house in se le le pass. Then we go to up through the forest road, there is up and some zig zag. After finished the steeply up then beginning to see the crane. Then we reached the se le le (4290m)pass we take a launch in the local tea house. we met the another group guide and tourist at the same tea house. In the se le le pass there is also Dharmashla( Traditional Rest house for the  local customer). The owners of the tea house in se le le also was a guide. He explain his stories about the different trekking areas. also many guide, porters taking , chating and joking their own way. we sleep after 7 pm, we was very tired. Next morning after the breakfast we are going to the Cheram(3870m) we meet two passes there first was mirgin la (4480m), second pass was sinelapche Bhanjyng(4646m) before cheram. It is long hours down to cheram. There are 4-5 tea houses but not opening. Then we moved towards to Anna phedi(3370m). Other trekkers also meet the Anna phedi. they like to stay inside the room instead of their tent. so, we have not proper space for there. we try to down towards the Torang. we are already tired so, we donot go to Ramche and oktung. Very hardly we reached the cheram but all the tea house was closed. then we remember the lhonak. we have not enough food left there, but we are save from the snow and rain. we got the shelter there but not food because no body was there. There was wood then we are going to burning , then some porridge we eat, some save for tomorrow. I didnot feel cold, thundering like a Lhonak there, things is warm. Just we afraid that some animals or tiger disturb. but we are camp firing. we are just hungry , but our life is save there. we learn from this event, it is better to carry some extra food and tent(lukily we get the downstairs space of the house). we drink more  water instead of the food. Next day we have to go Amphuding we are not sure there is local  tea shop open or no.
" We get a great delicious food there in our life, we never forget this food and hospitality of the tea house people, as a gift we give him our stick, because difficult parts of the trekking finished from there"

 next morning from Tortong(2995m) we wake up and again fill the water, then crossing the River. the way is quite up through the forest.Lasiya Bhanjayang(3310 m) After walking 2 hours we reach the ridge. we see small house in the wide lawns and some children walking. Then , we going to extremely happy. after 10 minutes walking we reached the place  then we are ordering the food and drinks. food was more delicious there in our life. hunger is sweet than food, we realize this things in the life. then man in the tea house was also amicable and soluble. After food, we feel very relax , we give the one stick gift for the tea house person. Then with great dance we down to the Amphudin.

After manaslu trekking popular tea house trek in the restriction trekking area Kanchenjunga  is another  popular trekking areas of the tea houses


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