Saturday, February 20, 2010

village tour in gorkha

Gorkha is one of the highlighted name in the world from a gorkha soldier. All Nepal used to say gorkha, but orginal gorkha lies from a 140 K.m. from a Kathmandu, it is the old kingdom of nepal. The campagin of unification of nepal was begining from there. Gorkha is the unique village for the tourist. many places still people have follow the 18 century custom and tratidion. To explore the gorkha the best idea is village tour
  1. �arrive in kthmandu
  2. sight seeing in kathmandu
  3. Drive from kathmandu to gorkha by bus
  4. walking to Gurkha palace for the sunrise view. then trek to nareshwar
  5. Nareshwar to phinam tar
  6. Phinam tar to Bark pak village
  7. Bar pak to laprak
  8. laprak to machi khola
  9. Machi khola to shoti
  10. shoti to Arakhet then kathmandu
  11. kathmandu to your own choice destination
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