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Tibet Travel Information

Nepal to Tibet travel information

Tibet travel Information
Facts for the visitors

Visa and entry procedure
There is need a group visa in tibet, no facility to give a single visa or a individual visa for the, better to contact through any agency , they will manage the group and give a visa. you have to need a photocopy of the passport before 25 days. it is need a original passport one day before. From a Nepal no facility to get the chinease visa. you can get the chinease visa in the boarder of  the tibet and china or after reaching the china. if you like to go directly to china you can get the visa from your home country Embassy. 

Entry routes
Entry route of the tibet is from the  Nepal  is kathmandu. from kathmandu you can go by bus or directly flight to Lasha. you can get the tibetan  group visa from a nepal. other route to enterT ibet by blight from the chendu or bejing and from a Honkong. now a days there is facility to go Bejing from the train. 

Guides and accommodation:
There are best English speaking guide in tibet. They will explain tibetan cultural and way of the life, however all the guide have no excellent and same kind of  the quality, so better to carry a Guide book if it is possible . 
             along the way  of the Lasha there is found the Hotel of the basic quality. in the main city Gyantse, shigatse found a good hotel and reasonable prices. there is no find standard quality of the HOtel everywhere, so  better to not expect very good hotel. 

Lasha is now joined train facility to the china. condition of the road or road quality of tibet are no good as china. Almost japanese 4WD jeeps are used to carry the tourist and Truck are used to supply the tourist. 

Best time to visit Tibet:
The best time to visit tibet is April to november. Trekking for the mount kalish and mansarovar is beginning from the April and November, at this time no snow and clear sky in tibet. 

Many travellers suffered from the diarrhoea in tibet, the best way to prevent is stop to eat the green salad and better to put the iodine tabelets to purify the water. the way to go tibet there is no variety of the food and not so good as a city. it is better to buy some dry food in Kathmandu or any places. 

Clothing and equiment

Rain jacket or raincoat
sleeping Bag
Sun cream and lip protector
Water Bottle
warm hat and gloves
Warm cotton trousers
Cotton shirts(short and long sleeved)
Thermal underwear(top and bottom)
Down jacket
At least five pair of shocks

Altitude and sickness:-
in tibet there may be suffered from the altitude sickness. main symptoms of the altitude sickness is headache, lethargy, nausea, and sleeplessness. There is need a bottle of the oxygen.Hotel in lasha have a facility oxygen bottle. also there are possible to find the doctor. In the tibet trek or mansarobar yatra there is carried a PAC(portable altitude chamber). 
Before the departure  the tibet, our staff precaution and briefing about the  sickness. 

Travel insurance
Helicopter is no allowed in the tibet. so you make sure that your insurance cover the charge of helicopter from the boarder of the nepal to kathmandu or no. if any case some problem happened you shall be carry by the land cruiser to the boarder of the nepal, then fly by the Helicopter. 

Tibetan Buddhism
Religion is extremely important to the Tibetans and has a strong influence over all aspects of their lives. Bön is the ancient religion of Tibet, but has been almost eclipsed by Tibetan Buddhism, a distinctive form of Mahayana and Vajrayana, which was introduced into Tibet from the Sanskrit Buddhist tradition of northern India. Tibetan Buddhism is practiced not only in Tibet but also inMongolia, parts of northern India, the Buryat Republic, the Tuva Republic, and in the Republic of Kalmykia and some other parts of China. During China's Cultural Revolution, nearly all Tibet'smonasteries were ransacked and destroyed by the Red Guards. A few monasteries have begun to rebuild since the 1980s (with limited support from the Chinese government) and greater religious freedom has been granted – although it is still limited. Monks returned to monasteries across Tibet and monastic education resumed even though the number of monks imposed is strictly limited.
Tibetan Buddhism has four main traditions (the suffix pa is comparable to "er" in English):
  • Gelug(pa)Way of Virtue, also known casually as Yellow Hat, whose spiritual head is the Ganden Tripa and whose temporal head is the Dalai Lama. Successive Dalai Lamas ruled Tibet from the mid-17th to mid-20th centuries. This order was founded in the 14th to 15th centuries by Je Tsongkhapa, based on the foundations of theKadampa tradition. Tsongkhapa was renowned for both his scholasticism and his virtue. The Dalai Lama belongs to the Gelugpa school, and is regarded as the embodiment of the Bodhisattva of Compassion.
  • Kagyu(pa)Oral Lineage. This contains one major subsect and one minor subsect. The first, the Dagpo Kagyu, encompasses those Kagyu schools that trace back to Gampopa. In turn, the Dagpo Kagyu consists of four major sub-sects: the Karma Kagyu, headed by aKarmapa, the Tsalpa Kagyu, the Barom Kagyu, and Pagtru Kagyu. The once-obscure Shangpa Kagyu, which was famously represented by the 20th century teacher Kalu Rinpoche, traces its history back to the Indian master Niguma, sister of Kagyu lineage holder Naropa. This is an oral tradition which is very much concerned with the experiential dimension of meditation. Its most famous exponent was Milarepa, an 11th century mystic.
  • Nyingma(pa)The Ancient Ones. This is the oldest, the original order founded by Padmasambhava.
  • Sakya(pa)Grey Earth, headed by the Sakya Trizin, founded by Khon Konchog Gyalpo, a disciple of the great translator Drokmi Lotsawa.Sakya Pandita 1182–1251CE was the great grandson of Khon Konchog Gyalpo. This school emphasizes scholarship.

Features of Tibet Tour
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Trekking booking

Trekking booking in Nepal

Booking &; payment Condition:-
 Our Trekking Agency is well-known government licensed trekking agency in nepal. We accept the booking and reply very fast of your message.Himalayan Republican trekking and Expedition is the Guide own company in nepal. There is a option whether you book through the guide or agency. if you book through the agency you can send money agency account, if you like through the guide better to send guide account which are Given below. since guide own company both process given here. 

1, When you confirmed trip with us, we need your copy of the passport and 200 usd non- refundable down payment of the Total prices, it would be easy to advance for Hotel booking, processing of the Trekking document such as Timms and permit. 
2.Payment can be send by the Bank transfer, Western union, money grams. According to the facility and comfort you can use any Method. 

My bank  address for money transfer is as follows:
 Personal Bank account
Name of Account Holder:-Naba Raj Thapa
Account Number:-050100002605
Account Type:-Saving
Paying Bank:-Bank of Kathmandu
Bank Address:Citron Garden, Thamel kathmandu, p. o. Box:-9044,Kathmandu, Nepal.
Bank Telephone:-00977-1-4427398
Company BANK Address:

Name of Account Holder:-Mountain Air guided Adventures(p.)Ltd.
Account Number:01030024392
Paying Bank:-Nepal Investment Bank
Bank Address:-Thamel, Ganeshman street, ph. Nepal Investment Bank Limited,  THAMEL BRANCH Chaksibari,Thamel Tel: 4218431,4218434, 4218485,4218486. Fax: 4218434, 17. ...

3. customer should be pay Bank service charge Themselves. 
4.After receiving copy of the passport and 15% advance from you, we will send you confirmation receipt from the scanning. 
5. Rest of the money can be manage after your arrival in nepal.Full payment must be arrange before departure the Trip. 
6.Travel insurance is necessary for all clients to cover medical expenses, Helicopter evacuation, personal injury, repatriation Expenses, loss of luggage etc. 
7.if any case there is cancellation the trip, you must be write through email or phone, then we processing to cancel, 20% of the amount will be deducted . 
8.Risk and liabilities:-
   After departure the trip money will not be refund also landslide, strike, delay of the plane or any other things we can co-oparate, help but cannot refund the money. 
     we try to do best holiday here in nepal, we like to again business and friendship.

For the Western union Transfer
Naba Raj Thapa
Trekking guide
Liec. n. 3399

B. Private policy
 we are dedicated your service, it is our policy to put your detail private. Your picture of the trekking, your own opinion, your email address according to the your views, we kept  this private. 

c. Disclaimer:-
   we arrange the services only as agent accepting the our  Terms and condition of the airline, hotels and other service operator from them company have arrangement the service. 
    sometimes bus or plane become delay and according to the situation may be late, sometime overflow the hotel in the mountain, and sharing other people or hotel. when you follow the other people information and  if there is no any accuracy , we are no responsible. Any loss or damage of the things, own way. 
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About Nepal

Quick facts about Nepal

Quick facts about Nepal
location:Between nepal and china

Area: 1,47181 sq km

Population:26 million

capital city: kathmandu(1.5 million)

People: Brahmins, chhetris, Newars, Tibetans, Gurungs, Magars, 

Tamangs, Bhotias, sherpa, Limbus, Rais


80% Hindu, 15% Buddhist, 3% muslims, and rest of the other.
Government:Federal democracy republic

Nepal has the glorious history, it is record from the 5th century , at the time of the Mandev, in the chugunarayan inscriptions.mandev and Aunsubrma are the highlighted figure of the Lichhabi period. from the 12 century to 1768 there are  ruled by the malla kings in kathmandu valley. They have  the diffrent kingdom, and they fight for their expansion territory and principles. At that time there are east india company in india, nepals inter political condition are  danger so, king prithvi narayan shah winning the kathmandu valley.
    Since 1846, there are ruled by the rana till 1950. At the great effort of the nepali people, 1950 democracy is coming.  In the 1960 again king take the power and directly rule in Nepal.  again in 2004 king Gyandenra take the power of his hand, than again there are protestation and republic nepal are announced in 2008. 

Nepal is like a brick shape east west , it is extened 885 km and breatdh of nepal is 110 to 210. in the northern site of nepal, there are himalayan ranges, 
Nepal has three geographic land. Horizontally divided Himalayan , middle hills, and teari. 
Different kind of the flora and fauna find in nepal. 

world heritage site
In nepal there are 10 world heritage site. 7 word heritage site lies in kathamndu within 30 km. It is the fascinating  world heritage site with medieval art. 

world heritage site(cultural)

  • Kathmandu Durbar square
  • changunarayan Temple
  • Pahsuptainath Temple
  • Bouddhanath Temple
  • Lumbini 
  • swoyambhunath stupa
  • Bhaktapur Durbar square
  • Patan Durbar square

world heritage site (Natural)
Chitwan National park(932 sq km)
Everest national Park(1148 sq km)

National park and conservation Area
Chitwan National park(932 sq km)
Everest National Park(1148 sq Km)
Rara National Park(106 sq km)
Bardiya National Park(968 sq km)
Langtang National Park(1710 sq km)
Shey phoksundo National Park(3555 sq km)
Khaptd National Park(225 sq km)
Makalu Barun National park and conservation Area(2330 sq km)

Conservation Area
  • Annapurna conservation Area(26oo sq km)
  • Kanchanjunga conservation Area(2035 sq km)
  • Manaslu conservation area(1663 sq km)

Climate and clothing
According to climate there are different nepalis life style and Agriculture production. In the high altitude there are oat, buckwheat, potatoes are good, also people wear the thick clothese. In the inner valleys like a kathmandu and pokhara there are modest type of the temperature, according to the season there are affected the life style.
   According to the altitude there are Troptical, subtroptical, alpine, subalpine, arctic type of the climate found. 

People from the tibet mangolid people from the tibet, indo Ayran people from the India. 

Nepal has more festival during the year. In the  october major festival for the hindu Dashain and Tihar celebrated. Holi(march), Chitra Daisan (april), Harodobhini Ekadashi(November), The Gai jatra(August), Maha shivaratri(march), Krishna jyanti(August-september), Buddhist festival are Mani rimdu(November) in solu khumbu, buddha jayanti(may)in kathmandu, Losar(Tibetan new year(fefruary) in syambhunath, jawlakhel and himalayan highland communities.  

Even in nepal there are more linguistic group , main official language is nepali. Educated people normally speak English. In nepal there are 70 different language and dialects. 

There are more than 80% people are hindu, 2% muslims, 15 % buddhist, rest of them are other. Here are religious harmonious between buddhist and hindu. Now nepal become the secular religion country. 

 main  profession of the Nepali people are the agriculture, more than 80% people are involve in the  agriculture. After agriculture there are government service, pastoral and husbandry , from the tourism 15% of the National income. Even nepal is second big country in the agriculture, there is no abundant production, in the dry season there are  400 mw in-abundant.Now a days nepal going to become the Transits  point, it is the opportunity for the nepalese economic development.
    Also himalayan alpine meadows there are herbs and shrubs medicine, it is the major source of the income  as well as.  

Why come to Nepal??

nepal is the diversity country in every aspects there are different religion, variety of the topography. Religious harmony. 
world deepest gorges kaligandaki. 8 mountain higher than 8000m among the 14 in the world.small country but more than 70 ethnic group and 92 speaking language among the 26 million population in the world.  it is the birth place of lord buddha. mt. everest which is the highest mountain in the world. 
   Nepal is the place where 2% of plant found, 8% of the total bird in the world. more than 300 spec-ices of the orchid.  600 indigenous plant family.
There are many popular  trekking route  in nepal and adventurous  climbing  peaks in nepal. Annapurna trekking, Everest Trekking is the famous Trekking in nepal. There are popular trekking pass, island peak, mera peak, pisang peak are famous in the world. 
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Nepal is the country where is enough and multipul diversity of the colorful people and landscape. Nepal even small country, it offering you boundless activity and taste

manaslu trekking become the number one popular tea house trek in Nepal