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Nepal,Tea house Trekking Information

Nepal tea house trekking information

Tea house trekking means accommodation and food in local lodges in the trekking reason  of Nepal. It is very popular because of the light travel purpose in the mountain of the Himalaya. most of the trekking in Nepal nearly making a tea houses. Annapurna, Everest and langtang are popular tea house trekking in Nepal. Kanchenjunga , upper mustang and makalu etc. are newly tea house site in restricted areas in Nepal. 

Everest tea house trekking , in the background  Mount. Thamaserkhu  

Annapurna Tea house trekking-
Annapurna circuit trekking-16 days where you pass the throngla 5416 m height-$1360 per person
Annapurna base camp trekking 12 days, 4100 m height base camp of Annapurna-$720 per person
Poon hill trek with hot spring-7 days-$550 usd per person

Everest  tea house trekking:
Everest base camp trekking-12 days-$1100 usd per person with full board package.

 Tea house Nepal trekking in Autumn: September, October and November. 
Autumn in Nepal is harvesting time for the crops as well as seasonal fruits  such as Apple, oranges etc. Trekking in the open  rice field  where farmers refined the rice from paddy grass. September, October and November are the Autumn time in Nepal. Autumn are the great season in trekking in Nepal. September is the beginning big season in Nepal for Nepal trekking.  October  is peak season for hiking and trekking in Nepal. In Annapurna, Everest trekking there are large numbers of trekkers traffic in the narrow path and stairs. From November there are still more but slowly slowly decrease number of tourist in the trekking route. full November there are  busy trekking and hiking trail in Nepal. In the Nepal trip both camping  and tea house trekking it is highly recommended Autumn seasons.

Winter trekking in Nepal: December, January, February 

In winter there are short trip in Nepal. Maximum 10 days trekking in better in Winter season. January is cold in Nepal . In January, you can do the chisapani nagarkot trekking, Sharankot Dhampus trekking, poon hill trekking, helambu trekking also good in January and  February. what trekking you do in January , in February  trekking  Nepal such as trekking in Namche bazzar, trekking around pokhara and kathmandu. December there are cold still  for the x-mass holidays trekkers like to celebrated in Everest base camp and Annapurna base camp. For the new year celebration December last and January first there are more trekkers even it is winter in the mountain trek in Nepal. Down Jacket,warm gloves,  warm jacket, best trekking shoes helps better  for winter trekking in Nepal. Mainly Japanese has vacations in winter season but other travelers ratio is more in winter for tours, holidays, trekking in Nepal.
Everest National park headquarter in Namche bazzar  and view point of Mount. Everest and  other Everest  ranges

Spring seasonal trekking in Nepal: March, April, May
March , April , May trekking tours in Nepal again more. Spring season is the second big season for tea house trekking in Nepal. spring season also called Rhododendron trekking in Nepal. Many flowers of different species covers the whole jungle in Nepal.  Many climbers you can see island peak base camp , Everest base camp  for climbing the Everest and island peak in spring in Nepal. Annapurna base camp, manaslu tea house trekking, Kanchenjunga tea house trekking  in spring seasons better for trekking with seasonal flowers or spring intoxication.

Summer seasonal  trekking in Nepal or summer  season trekking in Nepal:

 Upper dolpa trekking, Upper mustang trekking area summer trekking in Nepal. However regular trekking route poon hill trek, panchase trekking, Dhampus, Namche bazzar trekking are the best trekking in summber seasons. June, july , August are rainy summer season in Nepal. Upper dolpa, upper mustang trekking categorized the summer  trekking in Nepal. however due to the more restriction fee charge few numbers of trekkers doing this trekking. Only for the permission fee $500 usd

What is tea house trekking in Nepal?
-In the condition of the Nepal trekking, tea house trekking means basic lodging and fooding places for the trekkers in the trekking region of the Nepal. Mainly popular trekking areas of the Nepal have a fully tea house facility. you just carry your backpack or porter can hire to carry for that. No need a tent, carry a food and cooking materials and L.P. gases.

Kanchenjunga, manaslu  and  upper mustang have a tea house facility?
-Manaslu is most develop tea house trekking in the scenario of the restriction permit areas. Manaslu trekking have a facility lodging and fooding like other older tea house trekking areas. Upper mustang is the second develop best tea house  restriction trekking in Nepal. but Kanchenjunga even have a tea housed very basic. from the Ghunsa , hotel owners going up to the Kanchenjunga base camp, Lhonak according to the volume of the trekkers. In the kanchenjunga trekking areas still need a extra tent and sleeping bag and food. if there are few group to go the the kanchenjunga base camp trek, you can got the key of the kitchen from the Ghunsa village. Most of the hotel owners are form ghunsa village. so, Trekking guide should be inform the trekkers and HOtel owners about their itinerary and group size.

How can I book trip?
After you confirm or decided to join the trip, we need photocopy of your passport and 20% payment of the total prices for making timms and permit, flight tickets and hotel booking. You can click our pages for
How can I enter in nepal?
There are direct flight from many places such as Paris, London,Doha, frankfurt,Osaka,Shanghi,Mascow,Bangkok,Singapore,Hongkong, Karachi, Bombay,Delhi, calcutta, paro, Dhaka, Lhasa, Varanasi.
Tea house trekking in Nepal
What kinds of the trekking i can do?
Annapurna trekking, Everest trekking, Langtang trekking are suitable for any trekkers. It doesnot require your previous experience trekking, mountaineering however we suggest you jugging, morning walking before doing any adventure trekking. This make you fit for 5-6 hours per day walking in the trekking nepal.

When should i come for the Trekking in nepal?

February, March, April, May, june, september, october, November is the best season. But people can doing any trekking any month. main things are the good views and clear visibility. Upper mustang, upper mustang, Kalish tour can be done in the june, july August. Now a days in the December people go to Everest base camp trek for celebration the Christmas, new year, honeymoon, holiday.

Can i join with group?
That is your choice to join group or no. we provide small group . we have a fixed departures dates for the Everest base camp trekking, Annapurna trekking, Langtang trekking. we Arrange the facility what you prefer.

Can I extend my Holiday?
You can extend your holiday after finish your Trekking. you can go to the Jungle safari in the chitwan, sightseeing gorkha, Bandipur, pokhara, Palpa, Lumbini.
Mountain flight in the langtang and Everest region, one night two days Bhotekoshi River or trisuli River rafting

what kind of he Accommodation i can have during the trip?

In kathmandu we provide 2-3 star Hotel. During the trekking we provide the accommodation in the mountain.There are Guest house in the mountain that is called tea houses. we provide the Dinner and breakfast in the tea houses. launch are in the restaurent on the way of the trekking, before the nex day destination.

What kind of the meals i can have during the trip?
There are Indian, continental,Nepali meals are available in the mountain. You can choose the food and give order, they make you fresh food any types and quality.
Can I charge Camera Batteries along the trek?
most of the places there are facility local power of the electricity, some places facility of the solar or the batteries charges.

Can i phone or internet from the Trekking?Actually phone have been facility most of the tea houses. Every trekkers they use their mobile phone as well as. For that they have to buy Nepalese sim card called N-cell, it have a roaming facility. otherwise in the mountain there are landline or satellite phone service.
Internet is the few places . In the Everest Region- Lukla, Namche Bazzar, Pheriche have a internet facility. In the Annapurna Region -Chame,mangang,jomsom, Ghorepani Have a internet facility. plus when you have a lap top computer, you can use dial up internet from the N-cell. you have to buy the modem with the n-cell sim card.

Can you offer Tailor made departure?
-we can tailor the trekking very flexible way. according to  your time, budget and interest we can tailor the trekking in Nepal. even you are already in the trekking, and like to extend and modified the Itinerary, it is possible. we are for the trekkers service in Nepal for that we established the trekking company. we have very professional guide who treat according to the situation.  

of course, you can make your itinerary or we give suggestion of your itinerary, we together management the itineary by talking with each other.

Annapurna , langtang, Everest, Kanchenjunga are the popular tea house trekking in Nepal Himalaya.

Can i go upper mustang in tea house style trekking?
-Yes, it is possible upper mustang by tea house style. upper mustang trekking is expensive than other region. It cost 10 days 500 us dollar. only 10 days permit possible for the upper mustang permit even you finished less than 10 days.
In upper dolpo tea house trekking possible?
-In upper dolpo trekking there is no possible tea house trekking still there are many geographical difficulty  and remoteness. so, tea it better to tea camping  trekking rather than tea house trekking.
Is it necessary to carry a Sleeping bag in tea house trekking areas in Nepal?
--For the Annapurna, Everest, langtang trekking areas generally you can get blankets in the tea houses however in the high season for the clean , it is better to carry the sleeping bag. In the case of the Kanchenjunga , Manaslu , upper mustang areas newly tea house areas trekking route it is almost compulsion Carry the sleeping bags.
Trekking with Himalaya views

What is the cost for the tea house trekking in Nepal?
-There are menu in the hotel , there are prices of the Every foods and accommodation . Even though many trekking agency have a package service which include your permit, foods, accommodation.
Upper mustang trekking
Note: photos taken from Alexander Y. who was trek with me Everest and Annapurna tea house areas.
Home stay in Nepal-The best home stay in Nepal which helps you the culture and custom of Nepal.
How i book the tea house trekking Nepal:
you can book the tea house trekking in a advance.
Manaslu trekking become very popular this time. Lets do the budget trek package or just service package -Guide, permit , porter you can hire.  
Dhaulagiri circuit trekking


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