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Kathmandu to Delhi bus ticket

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How to Book online bus Ticket to Delhi?
It is easy to  book online bus ticket from your house and place. Just you call inquire by phone, then we mobile message and Bus number,seat number,Driver number. So, it is also said Mobile phone bus ticket service. There are many remittance to pay the money of the Bus ticket such as mobile banking,e-banking,E-sewa,IME etc. Many customer phone me,how to pay the Kathmandu to Delhi bus ticket money, i told them same process. Call me at 9851005685 for availability and condition of the bus ticket then only at the ticket available i told you pay the money by Bank deposit at my account any kind of the paying process.

Bus ticket counter to Delhi in Kathmandu, Cost and Bus seclude 
Volvo Bus or Modi Bus has 45 seat with AC, it is also Called DTC friend ship bus service. On the occasion of the SAARC,PM Narendra Modi open or flagged the Bus service in Dhasarath stadium in Kathmandu. we are selling the ticket of delhi since bus service operated. Delhi bus ticket bus station in Kathmandu Nepal, you can visit for the Paper ticket. Alternatively , you can get online bus ticket by SMS or via Viber and Whats app.
There are two kinds of the Volvo bus. One is Modi Volvo bus another is DTC Nepali volvo Bus. Two bus has 45 seater with  AC. In one week three time DTC Bus and daily Nepali standard Bus to Delhi.

Reporting and Departure time of  Volvo and standard Nepali bus to Delhi
Volvo Bus only Monday,Wednesday,Thursday),Nepali volvo Bus(Saturday,friday,Tuesday)
Reporting time:9:30 AM
Departure time: 10:00 AM
Approx access time to Delhi next day 12  or 1 Pm(28-30 hrs)

Nepali standard bus(All the day in the week)
Reporting time:8:30
Departure time: 9 AM
Place: Kathmandu to Delhi bus station.

Second Bus via Mahendra Nagar(Ac with Nepali standard Bus)
Reporting time:11.30 AM, Departure time: 12:00

Price of the Kathmandu to Delhi bus:
Bus price of Delhi are same even you ride from any parts and place in Nepal.(chitwan,Mugling,Narayanghat,Bhairwa,Butwal). Volvo Bus cost Rs. 4000 NPR,Nepali standard Bus cost Rs. 3700 NPR. )

Bus ticket counter of Delhi:
Our bus ticket office:
Kapaurdhara ,opposite to UK and Indian Embassy.
Contact phone:9851005685

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Short trekking in Nepal

Short trekking in Nepal

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To refresh the mentality in the Nature and see the glance of Nepal short trekking will be very fruitful. Thrilling to stay lap of the Nature, observation the peaceful and Beautiful Himalayan ranges and see the local life and product face to face short trekking in Nepal designed. Nepal one of the country in the world where are many resources of short trekking. We are going to give the selected top short trekking list which has earned good travel reviews and preferred by thousand of trekkers. Definitely short treks are specially for those have short travel time in Nepal however short trekking preferred by both veteran trekkers and beginners. Sunrise view point, fascinating mountain panoramic point,local life style and culture, outside fitting the body is the major significant of the short treks in Nepal. More than that due to its flexible itinerary from 2 days trek to 5 days trek there are occupy varities of ethnic, cultural and geography.
1 night 2 days Sankhu to Nagarkot trekking to 4 Night 5 days Chisapani Nagarkot Dhulikhel Namobuddha trekking are around the Kathmandu valley. You can estimated the time when you are in Kathmandu. Due to the selective and flexible option as well as easy accessibility short treks around Kathmandu valley become very popular. Nagarkot can go by car also but if you like to physical mobility and struggle with Nature it is best to go by walk from cultural Newari old town Sankhu to Nagarkot. Enjoy the Morning with sunrise views and leisurely walk around the Nagarkot with white snow mountain and sunrise. If you have one days more can start the Nagarkot trip from Sundarijal and Chisapani. Still extend the days after Nagarkot by going Dhulikhel and Namobuddha.
   Around pokhara there are gifted the natural beauties with magnificent Fishtal,Dhaulagiri and massive of many Annapurna peaks. Trek to Dhampus via Shrankot provide great chance to stay in Nature and village around the periphery of pokhara city. Authentic Gurung ethnic community in Dhampus village and impressive angle of Annapurna Himalayas , little bit down jungles with Glacier seems very amusing. 2 Night 3 days Shrankot pokhara Dhampus treks give unique experience of short trekking in Nepal. Sharankot is the best places to see the phewa lakes, Pokhara city and Series of Annapurna peaks.

Ghorepani poon hills is short popular treks around the Annapurna region in Nepal. More trekkers vising places in whole annpurna and Nearest distance popular Annapurna trek from pokhara is Ghorepani poon hill.You can do the poon hill trek from 3 days to up to 5 days. 3 days short trekking itinerary of the poon hill trekking have to back same days from the poon hill to pokhara from the same way. If you add the 1 days extra you have chance to visit Tadapani and highlighted and popular Ghandruk village.  
contact us for Kathmandu to Delhi bus ticket
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Narphu valley trekking

Narphu valley trekking

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Narphu valley trip introduction
Why Nar phu valley trekking very popular this days because in a regular route of the Annapurna circuit trek there are more crowd of the trekkers as well as Jeep road. Very few people only rediscovered  Nar phu valley where you explore ancient fortified village, unique landscape where you see narrow canyons, imaginative forest. Culturally people are Tibetans they been to Tibetan territory for the summer pasture. Nar phu valley also called new land of Nepal, village just found 44 years before at the time of the King Mahendra, which is quite strange that government did not know narphu phu village. Since discovered the Narphu valley territory of Nepal then make facility transportation from  down parts of koto and Benshiar.
We recommendation to walk koto from Chamche even there are direct jeep facility .
Permit of Narphu valley:
Narphu valley restriction permit, Annapurna conservation entry fee,Timms card are the permit of Narphu valley trekking in the  off the beaten path of the Annapurna region trekking.
How to get permit of the Narphu valley:
Taan registerd trekking agency have authorized to make permit of the Narphu valley trekking and it is compulsion the license holder trekking guide.
How to book Narphu valley treks:
You can instantly book the treks of Narphu valley or online inquiry with advance so that without lost your time in Nepal you have chance to go trekking after arrival in Nepal. Why it is advance before trekking? Fix the date of the departure of the Narphu valley treks,pre advance for the field staff, Book the transportation to the starting point of the Narphu valley trek. Even jeep possible from Koto, we recommendation walk from Chamche or Dharapani for fit for adaptation in the high altitude in Nar phu valley.

 Narphu valley trek Itinerary

 1, Arrive in Kathmandu
2. Sightseeing in Kathmandu and preparation for the trekking
3. Kathmandu to Benshiar by bus then Jeep to Chamche
4. Chamche to Danaque
5. Danaque to Koto
Narphu valley trek overviews

 Narphu valley trek guide

License holder trekking Guide from the government of Nepal with experience in Narphu valley areas. we have many experience Guide for the Narphu valley who has been trekking guide since 15 years. Since Narphu valley open in 2003, Many foreigner visit that areas to explore the hidden tibetan village in Nepal. Monastery in the local village , interact with local people, showing the way, help in the time of accident, injury, food service and recommendation during the treks  etc. are duties of the trekking guide. trekking guide is as a non paid ambassadors.

 Narphu valley trek style;
Mix of Camping and tea houses trek in Narphu valley possible. Due to the off the beaten path of the Annapurna circuit trek, there is no nice facility of the tea houses like the regular unrestricted areas of the Annapurna circuit trek.After finished the Narphu valley trek it is your choice extension the trip to the Throngla and Muktinath(Annapurna circuit trek) or Tilicho Mesokanta pass. Even throng la pass no need a camping however in the cases of the Meso kanta pass to Jomsom it need a tent and kitchen equipment.

Camping trekking with Guide, Cook, porter During the Narphu valley after the koto.When Kangla pass it is option to stay in the tea houses in Nwar and other areas. if once time management the camping trekking, it will be good and hygiene cooking by our team.

Where is Narphu valley trek?
Narphu valley is between Manang and Gorkha district. Even the territory belongs to Nepal Nar and phu valley discover 44 years before. Trekkers says it is hidden  valley right side of the Marshyandi river from koto. It is narrow canyons or gorges and out from the Kang la pass to Nawar and Manang  village.

How can i make a Narphu valley permit?
Due to the restriction areas listed goverment of Nepal,narphu valley trekking possible from the license holder trekking and expedition agency in Nepal. It need a original passport at the time of final permit issue. first you can sent a copy of passport and pp size photo with advance,then we are processing for the permit  and arrangement of trekking crew,equipment,transportation.

Can i do Nar phu valley trek without Guide?
Car  Nar phu valley trek without guide possible in your own risk. Actually, restriction areas are not allowed without guide. Guide are like non paid Ambassador for the restriction areas of Nepal. Donot worry after Kang la pass there are coming regular trekking route of the Annapurna circuit. you have to compromise with the trekking agency what style you are going to trek in Nar phu valley.

How difficult the Narphu valley trek?
Nar phu valley trek is remote part of the Annapurna circuit section middle between marshyandi river Himlung Himalaya. Average walker can do the Narphu valley treks however it is better to walk down from the starting point of trek for the best Acclimatization. Before trekking it is better to jogging and morning walk.

How can i book the Nar phu valley trekking?

You can quote us for the trip then can book with advance after fixed departure date. then we make process of permit, Guide and equipment. You can transfer bank or wire transfer for the confirm the booking. rest of amount you can pay after arrival in Nepal.

Why book Nar phu valley trek with us?
we are not only license holder trekking agency but also we are 15 years experience trekking guide. we able to become independent trekking guide because we have agency from there we can make a permit  for our customers. Due to the guide team of the of  contemporary fellow friend agency it is flexible package and tailor made trip we offer very delicately.

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Kathmandu to Lhasa bus and Jeep service

Kathmandu to Lhasa Bus and Jeep service

Kathmandu to Lhasa bus and Jeep service, Kathmandu to Lhasa bus distance, Kathmandu to Lhasa private jeep hiring, Rental a jeep from Kathmandu to Lhasa,Kathmandu to Tibet bus service
Kathmandu to Lhasa bus and Jeep service, Kathmandu to Lhasa bus distance, Kathmandu to Lhasa private jeep hiring, Rental a jeep from Kathmandu to Lhasa,Kathmandu to Tibet bus.
It is important to get the visa to hire a car and ride a bus from Kathmandu to Lhasa. It need a official letter of the travel agency for the tibet visa. It need a mediator to get a Tibet china visa. we help as a bridge to go Tibet. We help your visa processing for Tibet Lhasa tour.

For whom bus service from Kathmandu to Lhasa?
We provide the Bus service for those who make the Tibet visa from our agency. Bus will be go to Lhasa if bus is full. We collect the group for the Lhasa visa then operating the bus. Bus to Lhasa is cheaper than private Jeep hiring.

Why Hiring a Kathmandu to Lhasa Jeep?
-if there is no possible group joining we provide the Private Jeep for your family, group or individual.
Why it is important Tibet visa for the bus and Jeep to Lhasa?
Without visa it is not possible ride a bus and Jeep to Lhasa and Tibet.

How much for the Bus ticket or hiring a Jeep to Lhasa?
It is already included in your package trip. There is approx but not exact price due to the package.
In which condition possible to ride a jeep and bus from Nepal to Lhasa?
After you get the visa through our office recommendation letter , then you have chance to ride a jeep and bus from Kathmandu to Lhasa.

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